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Water Shows

Watershows are a way of showing the swimmers routines to friends and family. The  Orcas put on two watershows in the winter (February) and in the spring (late April).  

Competitions (Meets)

The smallest competitions in synchronized swimming is at the state level which is known as the association. At a competition, swimmers compete all of their routines as well as figures. The number and type of meet will depend on the level of the swimmer.  In Colorado, there is a figures meet in December, and the rest of the meets are in February - beginning of May.  The age-group swimmers continue training through June in order to attend the Junior Olympics at the end of June. During a meet, swimmers will usually compete in multiple events.


During figures, the swimmers compete in a black suit and white cap and are allowed to wear goggles and a noseclip. For routines, suits are specially made and decorated with glitter, crystals, and sequins. These suits match the theme of the routine. Waterproof makeup is also worn to bring out the swimmers expressions. The hair is knoxed in a bun and a headpiece, made out of plastic canvas and fabric, is pinned into the hair. Goggles are not permitted during routines, however, noseclips are worn. 

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